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Guild Info
realm: DarkWolf
expansion: TBC
rates: x1

guild name: Exile
guild leader: Envee
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Other Guild News

For anyone who comes to the forums...

Odelet, Aug 10, 10 9:57 PM.
I, Odie, had a virus on my computer and it had to be wiped. :(  So, long story short, I don't have wow at the moment. My friend has a copy of TBC, but I'm not sure when he'll be able to make it over here to get it to me.  Sorry for no raid pots, I hope someone is filling in for me on that :P And Erilyn...GTFO OF MAI GV BISH!!!!

Connecting to truwow

GMcGregz, Jul 6, 10 9:34 AM.
For people unable to connect to truwow, and are too lazy to look at the truwow forums, please change your realmlist to "set Realmlist". it'll make ur day that much easier

Problems connecting to TRUWOW

Atlaas.exile, Jul 6, 10 3:13 AM.
If you're unable to connect to TruWoW, try using its IP as realmlist instead of the typical one. They're switching to a different hosting as they explain here...

truwow forum


GZ to Rama, Envee and...ME!! :))

Odelet, May 24, 10 1:50 AM.
Congratulations all :) We made 70!! Woohoo! Hopefully there will be lots of raiding soon ;)
Good luck to the rest of you who are close :D

New 70

Artheos.Exile, Apr 24, 10 6:31 AM.

Congratulations for Mindtrick, second Exile Officer to hit lvl 70!

Every day we getting stronger. Rest of Officers are also very close to 70 and that mean only one thing:

Raids are coming very soon :)

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